FOIA is a right and not a privilege, and that is what a lot of people say. There are a ton of people that strongly advocated for this law way back in the 1970s, and it became one of the most important laws for that time period, era, and location. There were a lot of people that really appreciated and loved that era, and it had many lasting ramifications come from it, like the passing of the Freedom of Information Act. This act transformed America, and it has had some positive and negative consequences. There are a lot of people that are around today that haven’t realized how important it has been to American history. It has caused us to change and challenge a lot of laws. The information that is available has fundamentally changed the way we form new laws today. The information has given citizens a new resources in fighting the harsh laws that are not good for ordinary Americans. By exposing the past, we can see forward to a better future. Getting into a better tomorrow is very important for people that are serious about changing the country and making it a better place for everyone to live in.