FOIA is an acronym that stands for Freedom of Information Act. It is an important act because it helps people understand what their government is doing. They can realize what goes on behind the scenes, so they won’t get stuck with the negative ramifications of laws that have been passed but are wreaking havoc on American citizens. There are good and bad parts to the law. First of all, it is good because American citizens can see what their government is doing that is negative. Second of all, it is bad because it can harm our nation’s ability to fight its battles. It can be really difficult to conduct battles overseas if the laws are changed because they make people squeamish, scared, or stifled. They need to realize that laws are meant to serve the good of the country, and most laws are passed out of necessity and not spite. If people start getting the information to change the laws, then our government might not be able to operate as effectively. That would be a disaster for the country and the people. It is important that people understand the deep needs of government and they need to understand if there is a basis for those needs.