In a country where the government is supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people, there are still going to be some secrets that will need to be kept. These are the ones that pertain to national security as it truly is, not as some politician decides it is.

For decades people have fought to make the government more accountable to the public, and the FOIA being passed was a tremendous step in that direction. What many failed to realize when they reached that goal was that the government agencies that were finally divulging the documents had the right to black out any part of the document in the interest of “national security” as they saw fit.

Most of the outcry for the disclosure of these documents have come from the UFO and Conspiracy Theory communities, since they feel the government is hiding information we have a right to know. For most citizens, the information the government has been keeping hidden has little to no effect on their everyday lives.

While the FOIA is a great concept in theory, the agencies involved are still only giving information they feel is “safe” to divulge. There is a charge for these documents, and it can take hours of pouring over them to find anything of use.